Welcome to BCA Secondary School 


Bay City Academy’s Secondary program consists of Middle School (grades 5-8)  BCA’s rigorous expectations for learning is blended with enriched opportunities in the Arts and Sciences.


                                                                                   Madison Arts                                                                                            Madison Arts 


We believe that all students learn in different ways and at different paces. BCA teachers adjust and modify instruction to best meet the needs of our students. We use differentiated instruction for mixed ability grouped classes, advanced/honors level classes, cluster ability grouping, and project-based learning. Our teachers tailor instruction to the students’ interests and abilities.


Bay City Academy’s Secondary program is designed with our students in mind. As students move up to middle school and high school, we realize it is a big change. It means moving to new buildings, making new friends, and meeting new teachers. BCA’s program is successful because it is designed by caring teachers, school leaders, and community members who all want a safe learning environment that helps students develop their academic, intellectual and social skills. As students progress, we expect them to become more self-directed, independent, and responsible with their learning.

We believe that citizenship, character development and social skills are essential components of instruction.


BCA’s curriculum provides a unique experience for students transitioning from elementary to secondary years.  All students have a common block of traditional core academic classes that are integrated into elective courses and community projects.  Lessons are organized in non-linear iconic arrays that provide  an organizing framework into which lesson details are linked.  This innovative method called Icon Curriculum Mapping is very effective in helping students master vast amounts of material much more easily. Academic challenge is provided for all students in the context of consistent curricular expectations as outlined in the Common Core State Standards (CCSSs) and Michigan’s Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs).




BCA uses a modified block schedule. Students attend most classes in 90-minute blocks on alternating days at alternating campuses. Below is a schedule for a typical seventh-grader:

  Day A:
Madison Arts Campus

Day B:

Old Y Campus

Block 1 Photography Science
Block 2 History Math
Block 3 English PE/Health
Block 4 Symphonic Band Foreign Language
Making the Grade

Proficiency-Based Grading for Seconady Students

 Percentage Letter Grade

GPA Assignment

90-100 A 4.0
80-89 B 3.0
73-79 C 2.0
0-72 N 1.0

Any final grade below a 2.0 (whether it is a semester long class or a year long class) will receive an “NC” which means that no credit is earned, and the class or an equivalent will need to be revisited to obtain credit.

Middle School Uniforms

LandsEndStudents and staff at Bay City Academy wear uniforms daily. We have chosen uniforms because they:

  • Allow student and adult focus to be on learning
  • Help eliminate student or staff judging each other because of brand names, etc Improve the safety and security of the school
  • Improve behavior and discipline in the school
  • Help develop a sense of unity
  • Ensure that inappropriate clothing will not be worn to school

The students and staff purchase their uniforms from Lands' End. White turtle necks and white dress shirts may be purchased anywhere, but should be a plain fabric, button-down shirt, not see-through or lace, and display no logos. Socks or tights should be solid white, solid khaki, or solid forest green.


  • Required Uniform: (Students are only allowed to wear approved uniform clothing in the classroom even during cold weather)
  • KHAKI pants, shorts or skort
  • EVERGREEN polo shirt with logo, short or long-sleeved, OR WHITE dress shirt/blouse – oxford button down, cotton or Peter Pan collar (please, no white polo shirts, not see-through or lace, and no logos besides BCA should be displayed)
  • Socks or tights should be solid white, solid forest green, or solid khaki
  • Tennis shoes or comfortable dress shoes if a pair of tennis shoes will be kept at school. Students and staff will be involved in fitness/movement activities throughout the day, therefore sandals are not allowed
  • FRIDAYS ONLY –students can wear the Navy or Evergreen sweatshirt with the screen-printed BCA logo or any Lumberjacks spirit wear


  • EVERGREEN sweater, sweater vest or fleece with logo
  • WHITE, long-sleeved turtleneck, only under a EVERGREEN sweater, sweater vest or fleece with logo
  • EVERGREEN jumper
  • EVERGREEN fleece vest or pullover with logo
  • Plain brown or black belts are acceptable
  • Only plain WHITE t-shirts or a plain t-shirt of the shirt's exact color may be worn underneath the uniform shirts (no long sleeves under short-sleeve shirts)

For more detailed info, click here.

Project Fridays
 The shortened day on Friday allows us to accomplish many learning goals. Special electives are offered, academic “help rooms” are available, and community service learning is accomplished through project-based instruction. Each Friday is unique as learning culminates with application in special events and programs such as community service, science fairs, guest speakers, teacher-cadet opportunities, and historic reenactments.
Extra Help
 Bay City Academy provides extra help to all students. Besides services provided through the Bay Arenac ISD (speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy), BCA’s Integrated Visual Learning, Title I, and Special Education Teachers are there to work with students to help them learn how to learn. At BCA we not only teach content but we teach students how to learn. At BCA we stress character, sense of community and the social skills that allow our graduates to become our neighbors.
Graduation Requirements