Uniform Guidelines


Students and staff at Bay City Academy are required to wear uniforms.

We enforce this policy because:

  • A student's sole focus should be on learning
  • It improves the safety and security of the school
  • It helps alleviate discipline issues in the school
  • It creates a sense of unity
  • It guarantees that vulgar and inappropriate clothing stays at home

Extra-Curricular Functions

It is expected that students on campus during after-school hours for school activities and events will be dressed appropriately for the occasion.

  • Shorts or skirts must not be more than 2 inches above the knee
  • Students should not bare their midriff
  • Writing and slogans on clothing must be appropriate for a school setting
  • Excessive or extreme jewelry, such as chains or spikes, are not allowed

With ever-changing trends in fashion, the school reserves the right to make such changes to the dress code as necessary.

Should changes occur, they will be clearly communicated to parents and students.

Kindergarten - Fifth Grade

  • Required Uniform: (Students are only allowed to wear approved uniform clothing in the classroom even during cold weather)
  • Khaki/Navy Blue/Black pants, shorts or skort (pants must be worn at the waist and not excessively baggy)
  • Navy Blue polo shirt with BCA logo, short or long-sleeved, OR White dress shirt/blouse – oxford button down shirt
  • Socks or tights (White or Navy Blue) must be worn at all times
  • Tennis shoes or comfortable dress shoes
  • Fridays Only –students can wear BCA or LSSU spirit wear



  • Navy Blue sweater/sweater vest or White cardigan
  • Navy Blue fleece/fleece vest with BCA logo
  • Navy Blue /Classic Navy Large Plaid/Khaki jumper
  • Navy Blue / Red pullover with BCA logo (NO hoodies)
  • White or Navy Blue short/long sleeved shirts may be worn under uniform shirts


Sixth - Twelfth Grade

  • Required Uniform:
  • Khaki/Navy Blue/Black pants, shorts, capris, or skorts (pants must be worn at the waist and not excessively baggy).
  • Red polo shirt with BCA logo, or White button down oxford dress shirt (long or short sleeved).
  • BCA-issued t-shirt.
  • Fridays Only - students can wear BCA or LSSU spirit wear.



  • Red or navy blue sweater / sweater vest
  • Red or navy blue fleece or fleece vest with the BCA logo displayed
  • Navy blue or classic navy plaid / khaki jumper
  • Red or navy blue pullover with BCA logo (hoodies are not allowed)
  • Red / white / navy blue short or long-sleeved shirts may be worn under uniform shirts

All Grades


No Leggings, Sweatpants, or Jeans on any day.